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Michael Milgram has become the General Manager of SIME

Michael Milgram spent from 2012 till 2015 in NY and during that time he got his Master degree from Columbia University, participated on the GLCM 2012-2013 and worked for over 2 years in the construction of the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center for Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). After over 3 years, he moved back to Costa Rica with a lot of new knowledge and a lot of expectation.

In Costa Rica, Michael Milgram came to work at SIME, his father's electromechanical subcontrating firm with new and cutting edge ideas that would help them become a better and more competitive firm. He has become the General Manager the last few years and has been leading the company, since his father passed away last year.

In the last few years they have successfully positioned SIME as the top BIM Electromechanical contractor. This was possible due to a great process of implementation that took them almost 3 years and keeps improving through time. They have restructured the company into a more corporate model, creating new departments like the BIM Department and Safety Department, who have created new manuals and guidelines for their collaborators. All these helped them get more competitive and get awarded more projects including the Universidad Latina's New Campus, San Rafael Penitentiary and the National Assembly building (still in progress). They increased a 52% the billings from FY18 to Estimated FY19.

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