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Ibrahim S. Odeh

Founding Director

Professor Ibrahim Odeh is the Founding Director of the Global Leaders in Construction Management program at Columbia University. He is a unique combination of a strategist, academic, innovator, and entrepreneur.


Dareen Salama

Industry Advisor

Dareen Salama is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gryps, an AI power data extraction and analysis tool for construction industry owners and building operators. She has focused her career in the AEC industry on the application of virtual design and construction platforms.


Nandu Gagarin

Public Relations Representative

Nandu Gagarin is a passionate construction professional currently pursuing his Master's in Civil Engineering at Columbia University focusing on Construction Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.


Tim McManus

Industry Director

Tim McManus is an Associate Professor at Columbia University, the Chair of the Advisory Board at Smart City Works Venture Studio, and on advisory boards of several major firms around the world. He is a recognized global expert of major capital projects and programs.


Christopher Guilcapi

Alumni Representative

Christopher Guilcapi works in Product Cost Management and Data Analytics at Turner & Townsend specializing within the big tech sector in data management, business intelligence, program management, project management, and cost management.

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