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The Global Leaders in Construction Management program at Columbia University is supporting the development of future leaders in the construction industry. The program builds the capabilities and innovative problem-solving skills of students and serves as an important platform for them to engage with a wide range of business leaders. These learning opportunities and experiences will enhance their impact as they move into leadership roles in the construction industry.

The GLCM initiative, run by Dr. Odeh, is an extremely valuable track that serves as a sound foundation for rising global leaders in construction management. The combination of theory and practice, along with training focused on vital skills such as public speaking and writing, provides invaluable experience and education to the students.  In addition, the GLCM initiative helps students grow their innovative entrepreneurial skills. In summary, the program provides a great value addition to our industry.

EVP – Turner Construction Co. & President & CEO of Turner International, LLC

 At Skanska, our International CEO, USA CEO and all US Business Unit Presidents have all be majorly impressed by the quality of industry-leading research being produced by GLCM and even more so by the caliber of the students executing the research work.  I have no doubt in my mind that Professor Odeh is, as GLCM founder and leader, carving out the future of our industry from sustainably, technology and optimized best practice standpoints all the while creating a new wave of construction management leaders that are unsurpassed across the globe.

Chief Environmental, Health and Safety Officer

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Professor Odeh, his students, and, in particular, his GLCM members at Columbia over the last 8 years.  Not only is the work that Professor Odeh is producing leading academia and construction into the future by connecting theory and real-life/optimized construction management practice, but it is also actively developing the future international leaders of our industry.  

 At Skanska, our International CEO, USA CEO and all US Business Unit Presidents have all been tremendously impressed by the quality of industry-leading research being produced by GLCM and even more so by the caliber of the students executing the research work.  I have no doubt in my mind that Professor Odeh is, as GLCM founder and leader, carving out the future of our industry from sustainability, technology, and optimized best practice standpoints all while creating a new wave of construction management leaders that are unsurpassed across the globe.

Skanska USA

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For many years we as TAV Construction hosted GLCM students at our sites. During these visits, my team leaders and I saw that the talents in this program are very well prepared for managing the future complex systems in Construction. Every aspect of Business is a system. I saw that they have the capability of connecting these diverse systems to each other very easily.

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WSP has been a proud supporter of the GLCM program since its inception. We value the program’s ability to produce graduates with both leadership potential and the skills necessary to make immediate contributions as industry professionals.

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AECOM is a proud supporter of Dr. Ibrahim Odeh and Columbia University in their Global Leaders in the CM program.  The program has produced creative professionals who have joined the industry, many of whom have joined AECOM around the world.  The Graduates have a unique blend of theoretical learning matched with practical applications to real-world challenges in Construction globally. We see our association growing over the years.


Chief Executive Officer

Hill International

I’ve worked with the Global Leaders in Construction Management program now for more than eight years, and can personally attest that the GLCM program represents one of the best and most demanding industry leadership tracks available today. Candidates looking to advance their career would do well to strongly consider GLCM as their first choice.

Chairman of the Board

Prof Odeh’s GLCM is a leading global program because of its very unique way of combining theory with Construction Management practice. The students that are chosen for GLCM are the future leaders in the industry as they combine outstanding academic achievements, exceptional soft skills, and promising entrepreneurial initiative. These future leaders gain additional valuable field experience before they join the workforce and excel in their jobs out of their studies due to their experiences as GLCM members as students. 


Furthermore, I have observed that GLCM has become a valuable international network through which participants connect during their professional lives even beyond graduation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend any promising young participant of the construction industry to engage with Prof Odeh’s GLCM program.

Regional Managing Director, Americas & Global Head of Infrastructure

Turner & Townsend

Turner & Townsend is proud to support Columbia University and Global Leaders in Construction Management by providing subject matter experts to share industry knowledge and practical project experience. The education from today’s thought-leaders not only shapes the minds of tomorrow, it affects the direction of our industry as technologies and construction methodologies evolve. Columbia’s GLCM program keeps learning relevant.

I have been an industry advisor to Columbia University's Global Leaders in Construction Management for the last 7+ years and have been amazed at how effectively Professor Ibrahim Odeh has mentored and guided so many outstanding graduate students in all facets of our industry.  Their ability to perform extensive and deep research, learn from ongoing and completed mega-projects and apply such lessons to a compilation of best practices, and to communicate and interact with industry leaders at a C-suite level on various continents is absolutely outstanding.  I have been inspired by their energy, thirst for knowledge, and professionalism in all that the GLCM has done and continues to do.  

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McKinsey & Company 

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The Global Leaders in Construction Management is an exclusive program led by Professor Odeh providing a tremendous opportunity in understanding and managing the global challenges of the construction markets. The program brings unique perceptions in building strategies and trends affecting the future of the global construction market.

Chairman & CEO

What most impresses me is Prof. Odeh's energy, sincerity, and clear concern for his students.  He's a great teacher, super knowledgeable about the industry, and at the same time extremely conscientious.   His knowledge of other countries, and of best practices around the world is incredibly admirable.  The GLCM program is extremely valuable and even visionary - and for me it's an honor to call Prof. Odeh my friend.

CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc.


The Vertex Companies, Inc.

Dr. Odeh’s GLCM program is invaluable to the future of the construction industry. It specifically promotes the key skills that the industry, as a whole, lacks. These skills are in great demand today and will be essential in the future. I applaud Dr. Odeh for tackling this industry challenge through his GLCM program.

Chairman of the Board

The students of Professor Odeh’s Global Leaders for Construction Management program are a great asset for the industry. The program turns out construction professionals well-versed in modern CM concepts and technologies, ready to take on the challenges we face today as international contractors. Combining theory with practice, the students are set to become future leaders of our industry.



WGI (Wantman Group Inc.)

“The Global Leaders in Construction Management is a unique program focused on the global challenges of managing the construction of major infrastructure programs.  GLCM does not stop at the traditional but delves into the opportunities of industry advancement via emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  This attracts an exceptional group of students who are technology savvy, very good communicators, and outstanding problem solvers.”


Group PMX has been a proud sponsor and employer of Dr. Ibrahim Odeh’s graduates from Columbia University and the GLCM program for several years. Their track record of delivering innovative solutions for our clients speaks volumes of the program in developing the necessary leadership and creative thinking skills to successfully manage the built environment. We also support GLCM’s vision of creating a global network of current and future leaders in the construction industry and hope to continue our support and collaboration into the future.


President & CEO

I was impressed by the program given by Dr. Ibrahim S Odeh, in Columbia University on the leadership initiative the “Global Leaders in Construction Management – GLCM”.  This course opened a whole new horizon in construction for young professionals whether in strategy or in construction management. Students in such a program gain stronger leadership skills and a good sense of self-confidence in their ability to go into the field of construction management.

Nesma & Partners Contracting Co Ltd

Saudi Arabia

Without question, the Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM) led by Professor Odeh is a tremendous incubator of our young professionals.  More than ever, we must develop a strong cadre of construction leaders.   As a program, GLCM matures promising young professionals to serve as leaders in their profession.  Members typically demonstrate a mix of exceptional academic achievement, proven communication skills, and promising entrepreneurial and innovative problem solving skills; certainly a model program for others to emulate.

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US Army Corps of Engineers

I have had the opportunity to work with Professor Odeh and the GLCM students as a member of the faculty and on deep research projects to support my global infrastructure law practice.  The program fully lives into its goal of identifying, educating and engaging future leaders in Construction Management.  The students are exceptional, the leading innovative, and the results outstanding!

Global Co-Leader of Transportation and Infrastructure Practice


In the USA, a $2.0 Trillion Infrastructure Renewal Program will be starting in the near future. The Construction Industry, like all others, has become Global, and our students need to learn and apply best practices from around the world. Dr. Ibrahim Odeh's initiative at Columbia University is a great step to train our students to become Global Leaders. Construction Industry in the U.S should support this initiative.

Former President,

NY MTA Capital Construction and Principal