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I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Professor Odeh, his students, and, in particular, his GLCM members at Columbia over the last 8 years. Not only is the work that Professor Odeh is producing leading academia and construction into the future by connecting theory and real-life/optimized construction management practice, but it is also actively developing the future international leaders of our industry.

At Skanska, our International CEO, USA CEO and all US Business Unit Presidents have been majorly impressed by the quality of industry-leading research being produced by GLCM and even more so by the caliber of the students executing the research. I have no doubt in my mind that Professor Odeh, GLCM founder and leader, is carving out the future of our industry from sustainably, technology and optimized best practice standpoints all the while creating a new wave of construction management leaders that are unsurpassed across the globe.

Chief Environmental, Health and Safety Officer of Skanska USA

Paul G. Haining

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