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Behind the Website: Five People, Seven Months and One dream of all GLCMers

August 19, 2019, it would be a meaningful day for this strategic management research initiative, Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM). Today, the official website of GLCM is launched, with the help of all the GLCMers.

It takes a mighty team to accomplish a project like this one, but special thanks should be given to Dr. Ibrahim Odeh, who led this project and built the team to make all this happen. The team are made up with four amazing volunteers.

In the first phase (2019 February-May), under the guidance of Dr. Ibrahim Odeh, Chris Guilcapi, Jay Tamilalagan and Sabrina Yu Xiao were working together to create a draft of the whole website and reaching out to GLCM industrial supporters and alumni to get all the content materials ready for use.

Then, the second phase (2019 May-June) was coming along very well with Prof. Odeh, Chris and Sabrina working in a streamline flow. All the content on the website was created, visualized, finalized and posted on the website. Chris published the information on the website with Sabrina helping with edits on the backend.

In the third phase (2019 June-August), Misha Mohan joined the team and added great value. The team was adding more new elements into the website, perfecting the homepage and checking every detail carefully.

This was a demanding project, and the team were trying to stretch Wix in ways it didn’t want to be stretched, but they figured out how to bend it to their will most of the time. It is a privilege to have these remarkably talented individuals on this project. And this dream would not come true without the tremendous help and enthusiasm of all the GLCMers.

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