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GLCM is proud to be associated with the following innovative firms:



MultiGreen was founded in 2019 as a real estate development and operating company specializing in ground-up construction of attainable, sustainable and tech-enabled multifamily housing. MultiGreen publicly launched with an announcement from Davos, Switzerland, on January 20, 2020, at the 50th Annual World Economic Forum.


Flash Labs

Flash Labs is creating a reliable ecosystem in which transaction services run across the general IoT space and the private, purpose-built objective blockchains by configuring the private and public blockchains so they are interconnected.


Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo is revolutionizing the world in many ways with the potential of 3D printing. Black Buffalo focuses upon construction of single to four story buildings and structures to save time, resources, labor, and overall cost.


Spiral Technologies

Spiral Technology provides an enterprise Mixed Reality platform for industrial automation. Spiral Technology develop powerful software and adapt sophisticated technical content for the Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality devices applied in manufacturing and maintenance.


Smart City Works

Smart City Works Venture Studio is designed to enable urban tech startups focused on the infrastructure market to get to commercialization faster and with a higher probability of success. Through investments in human capital, operations, and business plan execution, Smart City Works take corporate intrapreneurship and early-stage ventures from seed to Series A or exit, growing great businesses, expanding much-needed innovation, and building better cities for good.

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