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Project Delivery Methods

The group worked under the guidance of Dr. Ibrahim Odeh to deliver a comprehensive study focused on analyzing project delivery methods for Design Bid Build, Design Build, Construction Manager at Risk, and Integrated Project Delivery. The team began researching with the aim of developing a comprehensive compilation of all information needed to fully understand each project delivery method. A ranking model to analyze the delivery methods was composed from the various literary reviews looked into and a comparison graph was built to showcase the main differences between the delivery methods. Case Studies were examined for the Design Build method as places around the world, such as New York, are starting to focus more on this delivery method.

Project Delivery Methods

The team creatively figured out some best practices for each project delivery method based on the previous analyses of literature and project examples.

DB Best Practices
CMAR Best Practices
DBB Best Practices
IPD Best Practices

Looking back upon the PDMs, the team made detailed comparisons on some highly valued attributes--cost, schedule, quality and productivity.

With great honor, the team got opportunities to interview 11 high-level professionals from the industry. All of them have great experiences in delivering projects and know well about Design-Build. They responded to three core questions provided by the team:

Interview Questions

With a focus on design-build projects in healthcare, the team included two cases study which added huge value to the research.  One is a building a new St. John Broken Arrow hospital under the design-build method, the other one is renovating the Smyth County Community Hospital. The team analyzed why and how the design-build method was used and brought out some key takeaways.

Case Studies
Chris Guilcapi
Chris Guilcapi
Mohammad Mualla
Mohammad Mualla
jay tamil
Jay Tamilalagan
Sabrina Xiao
Sabrina (Yu) Xiao
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