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Market Analysis

The GLCM group is primarily focused on developing thorough analyses of several national and international construction and infrastructure industries to develop better understanding of their global performance. This is achieved through the utilization of PEST and SWOT analyses, as well as studying the 4 "M" resources of Construction: Manpower, Money, Machines, and Materials. This section provides a few examples of recent reports created by the GLCM team. The team usually performs in-depth analysis of the countries visited each academic year (and subsequently updates this section), studies global transportation projects in international markets that shed light on the broad variety of approaches to procuring, developing and upgrading transportation facilities, common mechanisms for project success and failure through reviewing 50 years of data about construction firms to identify the prospects of success and failure for firms, and comprehensive market studies with Skanska USA's Civil Branch to help develop the company’s national five-year business plan for 2016-2020.

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