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Business Development

In summer 2014 and for the duration of one year, Professor Odeh and three members from the GLCM group; Juan Gabriel, Jesus Pacanins and Tarek Soubra, worked with construction conglomerate Skanska USA Civil on preparing the company’s national five-year business plan for 2016-2020.


The purpose of the assignment was to identify potential geographical expansion opportunities and horizontal market diversification avenues that would support the company meets its bottom line increase targets over the subsequent five years. The team reported to and coordinated with the national VP of Business Development and had access to and the support of all the other departments in the company.

Few examples of the team utilized bottom-up research methodology on this study were:

  • Conducting a market study on Federal, State and Local level of key regions and agencies to identify major projects in the pipeline and in capital plans. Along with the geographical spread, the team focused on an array of markets including but not limited to Transportation, Water, and Healthcare.

  • Studying the macroeconomic outlook of the construction industry nationwide in a post-recession period. The study included identifying the flow of federal stimulus funds for infrastructure, assessing the political climate in major states and upcoming elections and highlighting regulatory environment and draft bills affecting infrastructure spending on a state and local basis.

  • Analyzing trends and shifts in project delivery methods such as states and regions directions into Public-Private-Partnership and Design-Builds.

  • Visiting all major units within the company and meeting with executives to get input on regional indicators and to brainstorm on both future opportunities and challenges.

  • Presenting the main findings to the Senior Executive Team and receive feedback on the work performed.

The findings were subsequently used in key go/no-go decisions that shaped the company’s vision for 2016-2020.

juan gabriel pic.jpeg
Juan Gabriel
jesus pacanins.jpeg
Jesus Picanins
tarek soubra.jpeg
Tarek Soubra
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